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Top Tips for Preventing That Music Festival Hangover

bloody-mary-1145119_640The lights, the music, the bands, and the intoxicating feverish vibe of a music festival are just some of the many things that every party-goer looks forward to. The only drag that may possibly come out of it is the hangover that comes the morning after.

Here are some top tips for having a memorable time minus a legendary music festival hangover that can dampen your happy memories.

1. Power up with recovery food preparations in your fridge.

Have the following ingredients ready in a glass: 1 egg yolk, virgin olive oil, 2 tablespoons of ketchup salt, a dash of white wine vinegar, a dash of Worcestershire sauce, ground black pepper. Mix the oil, ketchup, and unbroken egg yolk first before putting in the other ingredients. Brace yourself and drink this mix to stabilize your stomach. If you are hungry, you can try having 4-5 scrambled eggs for breakfast mixed with bacon slices, salt, ground pepper, 3 tablespoons of milk, English muffins, slices of smoked salmon, slices of cheddar cheese, Dijon mustard, and sour cream. Cuban researchers also affirm that chicken is a hangover cure.

2. Drink water.

You can prevent a hangover by drinking lots of water before drinking alcohol or alternating water in between glasses of wine or beer. Alcohol naturally dehydrates the body and you need to replace those lost fluids with lots of water. You can additionally give your kidney some love by throwing in celery, asparagus, bananas, cranberry juice or black currant juice and help it process the fluids much more easily.

Softened water has been said to be more effective in curing hangovers. If you often attend music festivals that go on for days and stay in a camper van, invest in an On the Go water softener. This will ensure you’ll always have clean and soft drinking water at all times while you party away.

3. Eat yogurt.

Eating live yogurt before your night out provides a lining that serves as protective layer for your stomach. This will ensure that you will not be hurt with the acidic content of alcohol.

4. Find some amethyst.

Ancient Greeks and crystal therapy enthusiasts believe that wearing amethyst jewelry can help diminish the effects of alcohol in the body or cure a hangover’s onset.

5. Head over for a sauna or steam bath.

Harvard’s bartending experts highly recommend that you go for a sauna or steam bath the morning after the party or music festival so that your pores will open and improve your blood circulation for faster recovery.

Try these tested tips for a memorable hangover free music festival.

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The Process of Preparing Grass for Music Festivals

The Process of Preparing Grass for Music FestivalsWhat could be more fun than attending a music festival? Every year, close to a hundred different music festivals happen all over the globe with the single objective of uniting people together with music and good times. While many of us walk into music festivals with very little preparation, the people behind the event might not be as carefree. There are loads of things that need to be considered before throwing the perfect music festival and among these is the maintenance and preparation of the venue.

More often than not, music festivals are staged in wide, open spaces without much concrete. Anyone who’s ever been to a music festival will notice just how pristine the grass in and around the area can be. What exactly goes into preparing the venue for a music festival? You might just be surprised.

The Process of Preparing Grass for a Music Festival

1. Starting at the Roots

Did you know that some of the fields and open spaces used for music festivals don’t actually have grass to begin with? Usually, these fields are completely void of any sort of vegetation, with nothing more than just plain dirt and rocks padded across the vast space. Because this might not be the ideal conditions for people at music festivals, especially that dirt can turn into mud when mixed in with water, event planners often hire landscapers to plant grass way before the festival is even scheduled to leave some time for the newly sowed grass to grow and thrive.

2. Watering Constantly

Fresh grass might not have much of a fighting chance if it remains exposed to harsh sun. This is particularly true for grass that is planted in dry dirt. To ensure that the grass survives and thrives, maintenance teams are required to water the newly laid down carpets of grass regularly months before the event itself. This gives the grass the chance to grow and to become thicker to give guests a more comfortable and aesthetically appealing venue to dwell in. It is also during this phase that maintenance teams add fertilizer and other organic materials to help with the propagation of grass. If you’re thinking of ways to improve your own grass at home, make sure you use nothing but organic and natural fertilizers and growers as chemical based products could cause more harm than good. The same idea goes for the venues of music festivals. What’s more, using such a large amount of chemical based fertilizers could be dangerous for a crowd as big as the ones that attend festivals. Always better safe than sorry.

3. Mowing to Prevent Overgrowth

Growing grass is one thing, having it grow too much is another. While event planners always strive to bring the best out of the field when preparing for a music festival, they’re also cautious to prevent the grass from growing out of hand. This is because overgrown grass could become the hiding place for hundreds of different kinds of dangerous pests and insects that could sap the event of enjoyment and guests. Mowing the grass is an essential part of the maintenance task and actually makes up a huge chunk of the entire process. Usually, before the first day of the show, maintenance crews ensure that the grass is cut to the right length by making a quick run throughout the entire venue. Any grass that isn’t up to standards would either be trimmed down or watered, depending on the problems identified. Professional garden maintenance companies prefer zero turn mowers for large open fields because it allows them to easily manouver around obstacles such as large rocks or trees.

There’s a lot of effort that goes into preparing the venue for a music festival and although we might not notice it, it’s all of these things that make the event a memorable one for years to come.

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The Sky’s The Limit – Why You Should Take A Quadcopter to Your Next Music Festival

The Sky’s The Limit – Why You Should Take A Quadcopter to Your Next Music FestivalThe lights, the music, the crowd – it’s always such a treat to spend a few nights camping out to enjoy some of the best music the world has to offer. Music festivals are a feast for the senses, and often we find ourselves wanting to bask forever in the thumping beats of those crazy nights.

Too often, however, we look through our photos and find that they didn’t do the event any justice. Perhaps our smartphones just aren’t cut out for the job. There was too much glare in this shot, this one’s blurry, and these just don’t look quite as lively as the event felt. If you ever found yourself with these problems, then you should consider upgrading your camera to record that next big music festival in a way that does it justice. If you really want to take it up a notch, then a quadcopter might be an ideal way to do just that.

Benefits of Using a Quadcopter at Music Festivals

Video and Photo Records That Give Justice to the Event

Yes, photo and video recording are both important tasks that we must perform at music festivals, mostly because, these days, photos and videos are what people thrive on. Social media is all about pictures and clips, so it’s no question that we want to join in on the bandwagon. At music festivals, it can be hard to get a good view of the show from a standpoint that’s even just a few feet from the stage – that’s because there are always thousands of people. Our built-in tripods (also known as our arms) might not have enough reach to get a decent photo when we lift our phones. Drones go above and beyond (literally) by taking to the skies and allowing us a great way to capture stills and video snippets that do the show justice. No more making do with crumby smartphone photos – this is the future!

Find Out Where It’s At

There are those down times at music festivals that just allow people to walk around and meet a few friends before the music starts playing. But, the throngs of people at music festivals can make it hard to find the perfect place to hang. When your quadcopter is taking a break from capturing all those insane moments, you can put it to use as a way to find the best spots to chill out while you wait for the next band to come up on stage.

Take Awesome Selfies

Yes, selfies are still in and they will forever be in. What better way to brag about your last music festival experience than with an awesome selfie of you at the scene? Gone are the days when you had to deal with that outstretched arm drama plaguing the corner of your photos. Quadcopters like the  Parrot AR Drone 2.0 make it possible to take your selfie game to the next level. Wait for the crowd to get rowdy, for the lights to start flashing, and for that music festival beat to start thumping through the air for the ultimate selfie.

Quadcopters are a great and easy way to enjoy music festivals. From state-of-the-art recordings and photos, to helping you make new friends, and even documenting the event for you from brand new perspectives – quadcopters have changed the way we save memories. So the next time you find yourself prepping for a music festival, try taking your drone with you. You never know just what you might capture once you take to the skies.

Seal the Night with a Solid Slumber – 5 Tips on How to Get a Full Night’s Rest after an Awesome Music Festival

Seal the Night with a Solid Slumber – 5 Tips on How to Get a Full Night’s Rest after an Awesome Music FestivalSo, yeah, that was pretty effin’ amazing. The drinks, the place, the people, the music – there really wasn’t anything about that music festival that was subpar. You had your fair share of drinks, dancing, and discussion with a few good souls, but now the lights are gone and the party’s over. While the memories of the night resonate in your head, you’re hit with the sudden realization that, oh crap, tomorrow’s a working day.

While it’s healthy for us to engage in a few nights out and a social gathering here or there, it’s never any fun when you find yourself lurching your way through the hallways at work the next morning. There’s no need to fret though – there are lots of ways to get a superb sleep after an awesome party, and here are a few of them.

Take a Hot Shower

The wonders and advantages of taking a hot shower after a long night out frolicking with friends are too many too mention, but we’ll try anyway. Have you ever woken up the next morning, fresh from a night of partying, only to find your body aching and throbbing in numerous areas? Maybe you got a little too intense last night; who can blame you? The ultimate solution to this common post-party problem is taking a hot shower. Hot showers are known to relieve any pain or discomfort, even when you don’t feel it yet, so, you can expect to feel much better in the morning. What’s more, a hot shower can give you a refreshing, clean, and relaxed feeling, putting you at an optimal disposition for rest.

Reduce Noise

One of the indications of a good night’s sleep is a continuous slumber. How can you say that you had a pleasant rest if you found yourself constantly waking up throughout the night? Noise can cause you to wake up intermittently while you sleep, so it would be best to reduce or eliminate any sounds that could potentially break your peace. Close doors, windows, and turn off any sources of music or sounds. You might also opt to wear earplugs for the ultimate silence, perfect for an uninterrupted slumber.

Turn the Lights Down Low

Just like noise, visual stimulation can keep you from getting a continuous sleep at night. Flashing lights, bright lamps, and little LEDs on electronic devices can seem harmless, however once they start bringing that unwanted brightness into your room and under your eyelids, you might find sleeping to become more of a challenge than a relaxing ending to an epic night. Before you sleep, make sure that you eliminate all potential sources of light. If in case there are certain lights that can’t be turned off, like street lamps that filter through the blinds, you might want to wear a sleeping mask.

Stretch It Out

At the end of a long, fun-filled night, you might find yourself feeling discomfort or dull pain in certain areas of your body. It could be your back, shoulders, and even your feet and legs. This is because we don’t notice how we might be overworking our bodies while we dance or enjoy ourselves during those wild parties. As an easy remedy, try stretching before you snuggle up in your sheets. Target the areas of your body that ache the most and stretch until the discomfort is reduced. This way, you won’t have to lie in bed all night, bothered by a constant pain. If you have recurring back pain, you may also want to think about investing in a specialised mattress that can give the right support for your back.

Set Your Phone Aside

I know, it really was an awesome music festival, and you and your lads had the time of your lives. They’re still probably tweeting about it right now! While you might think it’s important to keep yourself updated about their thoughts and opinions about the party, it might be in your best interest to set your phone aside and fight the impulse to refresh that feed. Set your phone on silent, or better yet, place it in the next room. This way, you won’t have to give in to the distractions it provides, thus focusing your attention on acquiring better rest.

Highlights On Field Day Event

field day

Field Day is into its 10th edition. It is in celebration mode and is all set to take the audience back to the olden times. The event will showcase the highlight of the past. Now get set to take a nostalgic trip down the memory lane. Check out live performances and captivating interviews with Justice, Caribou, Foals, Battles and more. You can check out the website for artwork, interviews, photos and radio highlights. While buying tickets for the event ensure you buy from authorized ticking services. The ticket sales are listed on the website. There are unauthorized ticket touts that can sell you a fake, so beware.

Travelling to the event is easier with via public transport because there is no parking available near Victoria Park where the event is organized. Though, bike parking is available near the location. If you want to enjoy the festival, it is advised to travel on a public mode of transport. Reaching Victoria Park is easy via a tube. There are buses and trains also available to the location. Normally the tent capacity for the event is fixed, and the number of occupants should not exceed the given number. Each tent once filled to capacity the participants can enjoy their favourite artists. The event organizers are particular about keeping the space clsack-raceean and tidy. The guests are informed about the noise policy and littering.

The event is a treat for food lovers. The stalls include vegetarian, organic and vegan food. Food and drink from home are not allowed into the premises. If you are looking for some alcoholic beverages, you can find them unlimited. Non-alcoholic beverages are also available. Field Day is not a camping event. and participants will have to leave home after the event is over. There are food markets that serve food during the event, and people who are interested in setting up staff are also invited. All attendees at the festival should be above 18 years of age. The event begins at 11 AM and ends at 11 PM. The site is fully equipped to entertain guests. Entry to Field Day is one way.

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Download Festival At Its Best For Campers

download Festival

Download Festival happens at the Donington Park, Derbyshire. The capacity of the festival is 111,000. It is a five night festival, and camping is part of the festival. The festival will witness heavy rock and Download will happen during the weekend. There are five stages on which more than 150 acts will happen, and it will be spread over three days. Every year more bands are added to increase the entertainment quotient. The tickets for the festival are always in demands, and audience are advised to get them in advance to avoid disappointment. You can buy tickets for single day shows or 3 nights or 5 nights camping or weekend events or even get a campervan pass.

The event comes off with late night entertainment, and the bar is open till 2 AM. The entertainment does not stop here. There is campsite entertainment that holds beer stalls, café, shops, cinema and fun rides. There is VIP accommodation as well. You can lay your tents and get car parking as well. There are special accommodations to spend the night as well. VIP accommodation comes with special amenities and round the clock assistance from event management team. The accommodation is at Park Farm and comes with convenience shop, download festival spa, dressing area, locker and refreshment shops.

The RIP Metal Hotel has comfortable rooms with two beds, bathroom with toilet, shower, basin and ample storage space. Also, find TV and security car access. The rooms are well serviced and maintained as per highest standards by hotel personnel. The Hotel also offers continental breakfast. Food and drink will be in abundance in this place. Alcohol is allowed inside the camp, and you can bring your own. It is strictly forbidden in the music arena. Food from across the globe is available. People can shop for clothes, souvenirs, chairs, jewellery, merchandise, and others.

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