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August, 2016

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Top Tips for Preventing That Music Festival Hangover

bloody-mary-1145119_640The lights, the music, the bands, and the intoxicating feverish vibe of a music festival are just some of the many things that every party-goer looks forward to. The only drag that may possibly come out of it is the hangover that comes the morning after.

Here are some top tips for having a memorable time minus a legendary music festival hangover that can dampen your happy memories.

1. Power up with recovery food preparations in your fridge.

Have the following ingredients ready in a glass: 1 egg yolk, virgin olive oil, 2 tablespoons of ketchup salt, a dash of white wine vinegar, a dash of Worcestershire sauce, ground black pepper. Mix the oil, ketchup, and unbroken egg yolk first before putting in the other ingredients. Brace yourself and drink this mix to stabilize your stomach. If you are hungry, you can try having 4-5 scrambled eggs for breakfast mixed with bacon slices, salt, ground pepper, 3 tablespoons of milk, English muffins, slices of smoked salmon, slices of cheddar cheese, Dijon mustard, and sour cream. Cuban researchers also affirm that chicken is a hangover cure.

2. Drink water.

You can prevent a hangover by drinking lots of water before drinking alcohol or alternating water in between glasses of wine or beer. Alcohol naturally dehydrates the body and you need to replace those lost fluids with lots of water. You can additionally give your kidney some love by throwing in celery, asparagus, bananas, cranberry juice or black currant juice and help it process the fluids much more easily.

Softened water has been said to be more effective in curing hangovers. If you often attend music festivals that go on for days and stay in a camper van, invest in an On the Go water softener. This will ensure you’ll always have clean and soft drinking water at all times while you party away.

3. Eat yogurt.

Eating live yogurt before your night out provides a lining that serves as protective layer for your stomach. This will ensure that you will not be hurt with the acidic content of alcohol.

4. Find some amethyst.

Ancient Greeks and crystal therapy enthusiasts believe that wearing amethyst jewelry can help diminish the effects of alcohol in the body or cure a hangover’s onset.

5. Head over for a sauna or steam bath.

Harvard’s bartending experts highly recommend that you go for a sauna or steam bath the morning after the party or music festival so that your pores will open and improve your blood circulation for faster recovery.

Try these tested tips for a memorable hangover free music festival.

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