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November, 2015

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Highlights On Field Day Event

field day

Field Day is into its 10th edition. It is in celebration mode and is all set to take the audience back to the olden times. The event will showcase the highlight of the past. Now get set to take a nostalgic trip down the memory lane. Check out live performances and captivating interviews with Justice, Caribou, Foals, Battles and more. You can check out the website for artwork, interviews, photos and radio highlights. While buying tickets for the event ensure you buy from authorized ticking services. The ticket sales are listed on the website. There are unauthorized ticket touts that can sell you a fake, so beware.

Travelling to the event is easier with via public transport because there is no parking available near Victoria Park where the event is organized. Though, bike parking is available near the location. If you want to enjoy the festival, it is advised to travel on a public mode of transport. Reaching Victoria Park is easy via a tube. There are buses and trains also available to the location. Normally the tent capacity for the event is fixed, and the number of occupants should not exceed the given number. Each tent once filled to capacity the participants can enjoy their favourite artists. The event organizers are particular about keeping the space clsack-raceean and tidy. The guests are informed about the noise policy and littering.

The event is a treat for food lovers. The stalls include vegetarian, organic and vegan food. Food and drink from home are not allowed into the premises. If you are looking for some alcoholic beverages, you can find them unlimited. Non-alcoholic beverages are also available. Field Day is not a camping event. and participants will have to leave home after the event is over. There are food markets that serve food during the event, and people who are interested in setting up staff are also invited. All attendees at the festival should be above 18 years of age. The event begins at 11 AM and ends at 11 PM. The site is fully equipped to entertain guests. Entry to Field Day is one way.

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